We’re flexible and can connect artists with social causes in a variety of ways.

Simple Pledge

Donate a percentage of your profits to help charities or social causes that matter to you.

A simple way for artists to give back via profit donation. We help you find the right causes and signing a simple pledge gets the ball rolling.

Custom Projects

Work together on custom charitable projects — taking a creative and personal approach to philanthropy.

This is a chance to create your own narrative, and do something meaningful and personal. Each project is tailored and unique, you can be as involved as you would like to be.


Management and organization of all your charitable work on one platform.

We take over and handle inbound requests from charities, alongside providing knowledge and advice on everything from how to make high impact donations to distributing your charitable funds, to tax implications.


A completely free service.

We do not take a cut — one hundred percent goes to the charity of your choice. We are a privately funded, transparent, non-political organization.